We are so happy Brenda and Scott chose us to be their wedding photographers. The love and support we felt for this couple made our own hearts ache with joy and awe. Brenda was a sweetheart with her long veil and delicate lace. She was a very gracious and welcoming bride—smiling at each wedding guest. She truly felt like everything had fallen into place. She got to marry the man of her dreams and was able to completely immerse herself in all that was going on. The lovely couple performed a feet washing ceremony – the ultimate symbol of selfless love and humility. Scott couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful bride, and if you look closely at the wedding photos below, you’ll notice the Santa Fe wilderness even appears to brighten and encourage this tender couple’s union. This wedding’s theme was beautiful, delicate details. And when the sun started to bend towards the horizon, Brenda put on her tiara and grabbed her now husband to steal a few quiet dances in the dark.