This Albuquerque wedding happened at the best place for Adrienne and Jacob – home. Crystal chandeliers, pueblo-style stucco interiors, and sheer lace curtains set the tone for Adrienne as she prepared to marry the love of her life. Diamonds, pearls, and class could be seen dressing Adrienne from the moment she applied her red lipstick until the autumn sun set on this fateful day. As wedding photographers, we are touched to capture a bride’s most intimate moments; Adrienne’s father gave the classic two thumbs of approval and her mother offered endless love and hugs for her beautiful daughter. The couple’s first look was accented with flagstone and evergreen embraces. The best part about this first meeting was that it was somewhere they could be alone together, and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other! The magic did not leave Jacob’s eyes as he watched his gracious, welcoming, and happy bride walk down the isle of this intimate wedding. Together, Adrienne and her father smiled and waved at their guests, who all spilled support and affection for the newlyweds. Though this southwestern wedding was kissed by the Albuquerque sepia-toned sun, the wondrous contrast of red and white roses against evergreen and tawny backdrop did not leave this wedding wanting for color. The newlyweds snuck away post ceremony for some sun-kissed moments on this beautiful October evening. The sunbeams trickled through the air as a slight autumn breeze lifted Adrienne’s veil. Jacob savored each moment with his bride, ready to live happily ever after.