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Siobhan and Mike’s Santa Fe Wedding

Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe will always be a favorite wedding location for us. It embodies so much of what we love about photographing New Mexico weddings. This Santa Fe wedding was no exception with the mariachis, colors and an amazing couple. This was such a beautiful intimate wedding with the couples closest friends and family! We always say that pets, children and adorable grandparents are some of our favorite things about weddings… well this wedding had all three of our favorites. Thank you Siobhan and Mike for being so welcoming and kind, it was an honor to be a part of your day!

Megan and Adam’s Engagement Session

We just love engagement sessions in New Mexico… in Santa Fe in particular. This time of year everything about the New Mexico landscape is flawless and when you add in an adorable couple like Megan and Adam, well… magic happens! Santa Fe and its colorful plaza just never disappoints and makes us so excited to photograph there, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. We should also add that we 1000% support you in bringing your fur babies to your engagement sessions and weddings!

Jacque and Alex’s Albuquerque Wedding

Late Spring is a beautiful time of year to get married in Albuquerque! Our wedding photographers really enjoyed Jacque and Alex’s backyard wedding – and the beautiful couple spared no affection. Everything about this wedding was intimate—from the white rose petals on the lawn to the sweet doggo who was the star attendee. Delicate white orchid center pieces wept their own beauty and celebration for Jacque and Alex. Jacque was a very classic bride, spending her entire day in white (from her white satin pre-wedding outfit to her classic white lace dress with strands of pearls trickling down her neck and wrists). The tender couple stole a few poses with a Spanish Broom backdrop and soaked up every bit of sunlight and love. Have a look at this beautiful Albuquerque wedding below, and soak up some newlywed bliss.

Adrienne and Jacob, New Mexico Wedding

This Albuquerque wedding happened at the best place for Adrienne and Jacob – home. Crystal chandeliers, pueblo-style stucco interiors, and sheer lace curtains set the tone for Adrienne as she prepared to marry the love of her life. Diamonds, pearls, and class could be seen dressing Adrienne from the moment she applied her red lipstick until the autumn sun set on this fateful day. As wedding photographers, we are touched to capture a bride’s most intimate moments; Adrienne’s father gave the classic two thumbs of approval and her mother offered endless love and hugs for her beautiful daughter. The couple’s first look was accented with flagstone and evergreen embraces. The best part about this first meeting was that it was somewhere they could be alone together, and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other! The magic did not leave Jacob’s eyes as he watched his gracious, welcoming, and happy bride walk down the isle of this intimate wedding. Together, Adrienne and her father smiled and waved at their guests, who all spilled support and affection for the newlyweds. Though this southwestern wedding was kissed by the Albuquerque sepia-toned sun, the wondrous contrast of red and white roses against evergreen and tawny backdrop did not leave this wedding wanting for color. The newlyweds snuck away post ceremony for some sun-kissed moments on this beautiful October evening. The sunbeams trickled through the air as a slight autumn breeze lifted Adrienne’s veil. Jacob savored each moment with his bride, ready to live happily ever after.

Brenda and Scott, A Santa Fe Wedding

We are so happy Brenda and Scott chose us to be their wedding photographers. The love and support we felt for this couple made our own hearts ache with joy and awe. Brenda was a sweetheart with her long veil and delicate lace. She was a very gracious and welcoming bride—smiling at each wedding guest. She truly felt like everything had fallen into place. She got to marry the man of her dreams and was able to completely immerse herself in all that was going on. The lovely couple performed a feet washing ceremony – the ultimate symbol of selfless love and humility. Scott couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful bride, and if you look closely at the wedding photos below, you’ll notice the Santa Fe wilderness even appears to brighten and encourage this tender couple’s union. This wedding’s theme was beautiful, delicate details. And when the sun started to bend towards the horizon, Brenda put on her tiara and grabbed her now husband to steal a few quiet dances in the dark.