Month: December 2020

Natalie And Reed, La Mesita Ranch Estate

Welcome back Blue Rose Beauties! We thought you might need a little Monday afternoon pick-me-up so here we are! You are in for a real treat today because this next wedding is the epitome of classic – a timeless color scheme, an iconic gown – think Meghan Markle with a twist- at one of the most sought after venues in our area, the one and only La Mesita Ranch Estate. This luxury vacation rental situated on 140 acres of NM beauty is just minutes north of majestic Santa Fe but makes you feel worlds away. Some of the characteristics that set this property apart from the rest include the dramatic Italian-inspired equestrian courtyard, arena, and stables as well as cozy patios, private gardens, meadows, ponds, and ancient cottonwood trees. This iconic venue was the perfect setting for such a beautiful celebration. From the incredibly sweet first look through the entire wedding and reception and until the very last second, we absolutely loved capturing the abundant love shared between Natalie & Reed. Besides being incredibly photogenic they were also so kind & lovely and we cherish the time we spent with these love birds! As Thanksgiving quickly approaches we can’t help but think of how incredibly #thankful we are for all of our couples that trust us to capture such a significant moment in their lives especially during a time where nothing feels quite certain. One thing you can always be sure of is that if you hire us to photograph your celebration we promise to treat you, your partner and your event with the same care and detail that every wedding deserves. That is just what we do!

Keep scrolling to see how incredible this wedding truly was & come back to see more from us soon- xoxo

Photography: Yours Truly, Blue Rose Photography // Ceremony + Reception: La Mesita Ranch Estate  // Color Palette: White, Shades of Cream & Tan, Greenery, Pops of Gold

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Rebecca and Jack’s Albuquerque Wedding

Rebecca and Jack are another one of our wonderful couples who made wedding day magic during this 2020 year. Their day was absolutely perfection and Rebecca’s stunning dress and veil made for some amazing shots in our Albuquerque foothills. The New Mexico landscape surrounded this beautiful couple and we loved every second! Once again, we are so blown away by all of our Blue Rose brides who have made this year special for us, thank you Rebecca and Jack for having us!! Here are a few highlights from their day!

Julia and Casey’s Taos, New Mexico Wedding

Julia and Casey’s summer wedding in Taos, New Mexico was made out of dreams come true. In spite of a global pandemic, each family member and friend in attendance exercised immense caution out of love for the couple. This was a beautiful situation for our wedding photographers, as they were able to capture many incomparable tender moments. For example, Julia’s first look with her father reminded us of a Harper Lee quote: “She did not stand alone, but what stood behind her, the most potent moral force in her life, was the love of her father.” And in that moment, Julia’s father spilled his love and drank his pride for her. This breathtaking and truly genuine moment will stick with us forever. Shash the German Shepherd gleefully trotted around her humans in support and love. She wore a flower crown of her own (as a collar) and greeted everyone with excitement – what a perfect hostess she was! Though the day started off sunny, hot, and bright, the rain came to quench the desert’s thirst. The sagebrush quivered in anticipation and the rainclouds dressed the Sangre de Christos in a veil of their own. The stunning backdrop added drama to Julia and Casey’s day; New Mexico monsoons are brief, unpredictable, and absolutely beautiful. Julia and Casey shared tender love for each other as they danced in the rural roads, with Julia’s turquoise sash keeping the cold off her skin and dancing in the petrichor to a beat of its own. The smell of the rain-rinsed stucco walls lingers in our memory as we look at the photos of Julia posed against them. This dreamlike wedding offered other gems we’ll likely never forget – Julia’s silver and turquoise earrings, the fun-loving friends and family, crackling ristras in the summer heat, the ruffled chiffon table runner adorned with white rose petals – but we especially remember everything falling into place for Julia and Casey as the day ended in sunbeams peeking out of the rainclouds to join the celebration and add a bit more colored light of its own. Additional thanks go to Corazon Events who worked tirelessly and helped make sure everything was perfect for Julia and Casey.

Isabell and Zachary’s Albuquerque Wedding

This sweet summer wedding was on a beautiful New Mexico day in Albuquerque, every detail was perfection! Its not easy to plan a wedding during a pandemic but this couple managed to pull together the most lovely intimate wedding to celebrate with their very closest friends and family. Weddings right now are definitely far from the norm we are used to, but they are filled with as much love as we have ever seen… Isabell and Zachary, thank you for the honor of being your wedding photographers, it was such a wonderful day!